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10 Easiest DIY Woodworking Projects for Homeowners & Beginners in 2023

What makes a simple, unnoticed wood piece into a great art? Indeed, it is a DIY woodworking project which requires some tools & a strong desire that you might have. But finding some unique & easiest DIY woodworking project ideas is really time-consuming. So, whether you are a beginner or a homeowner, in this article, we have come up with some easiest DIY woodworking projects which are really unique.

There are enormous DIY wood projects but not every project is suitable for homeowners & beginners. Therefore, we have accrued the best & easiest DIY wood project ideas for you which are really cost-effective & sell fast.

Before you begin DIY woodworking projects:

Some facts are there you should know before you start working with scrap or customized woods:

  • Set your mind to work wearing full safety gear.
  • Arrange necessary DIY woodworking tools for a selected project.
  • Read the manuals of wood-crafting kits like how you can run them.
  • Work in a specific spot without risking kids’ and pets’ health.

You can get many woodwork plans for free on different blogs, entertainment magazines, crafting websites. Again, the tools for cutting, sizing, and shaping are available at nearby stores at attractive prices. We have found many homeowners doing wood projects that make money. Below ideas, you can earn some bounty too.

Without further ado, read the below amazing woodworking projects to weld your creativity:

10 Easiest DIY Woodworking Projects

#1 Chopping Board & Serving Tray

It is obviously a time-saving and creative woodwork project. You can make a board to cut food items and serve them after preparing or cooking. Surprisingly, these boards are the signature of the aristocracy. You should pick woods with waterproofing and food-safe qualities.

A beginner or homeowner can easily craft a wooden cutting board using a portable table saw, a ruler, sandpaper, and glue. Consequently, you can dry-fit all the parts to complete the project.

#2 Wooden Doormat

Having a wooden doormat can quickly help you scrape all the dirt from your shoes. We recommend making a wood doormat out of scrap wood if you think of easy wood projects at home. It may take 1-2 hours for an entire project. We consider it one of the small woodworking project ideas.

You can try making a mat for the main door, bath door using a hammer, some nails, a few fabrics, glue, a miter box, and sandpaper. Additionally, you can check out mat designs online to match your home style. Some stylish mats may recall the 19th-century era.

#3 Shoe Organizer

A shoe organizing rack is an excellent idea to keep shoes off the floor. It can be more helpful if you have an immense family caring and organizing the boots, shoes, and polishing stuff. Also, there are multiple DIY entryway shoe rack plans online. You can check out the designs like the vintage one or the modern, attractive one.

Some craftsmen suggest making shoe storage benches for multipurpose uses. For example, you can unify the shoes and protect the wall from any mud buildup or stains. They can be of different sizes and textures. Again, you can make one for each individual and place them anywhere in your house.

#4 Step Stool

Consider taking a wood project of curving a step stool. Your mother or better-half will love to have a kitchen step stool. After all, it works like a mini ladder and saves time for cooking inside the kitchen. Usually, these stools have two steps and a lightweight design. You can carry them too anywhere.

Many step stools are usable as a chair when you flip it over. You can use any hardwood to make it yourself. A portable saw, a ruler, some nails, and a hammer can do the work. Besides, you can stain the surface and paint to turn it out as a masterpiece. Remember, you should check out experts’ suggestions while joining the side parts of the stool.

Simple DIY Woodworking Projects

#5 DIY Coffee or Side Table

Who does not love to decorate the dining or drawing space with a coffee table? Even, many of us take coffee mugs or keep bedtime books on our bed’s side table. We are talking about these modern pallet coffee or side tables. You can make a square-shaped table with pallet woods easily.

Generally, most stores sell wooden coffee tables at $50-200 on average. But you can design and get it at home for under 50 dollars. The most effortless design will be a box-shaped table, just cut the woods, size them properly, and connect them with glue or nails. For this woodworking project, you can use a table or circular saw. Also, give the table a unique color and stains to match the ambiance.

#6 Pour-Over Coffee Stand/Maker

If you want a money-saving DIY woodworking idea even as a beginner, try crafting a pour-over coffee stand or maker. It will work similarly to an expensive coffee machine. You can place your coffee mug on the stand and start making coffee by pouring all the ingredients and warm water through a filter.

You will need some hardwoods (like cedarwood), screw coupling, conduit, miter and hack saw, drill, and sandpaper. But a dripper is a must for making the coffee maker. For a full tutorial, you can find how to make pour-over coffee maker videos on YouTube. The top piece is less wide than the bottom wood piece. Also, the pipe can be 12-14 inches long, which the ingredients pass through. Lastly, it can be a perfect gift for the closer ones.

#7 Spice Rack or Craft Storage

Another awesome kitchen thing you can make with scrap woods. A spice rack or craft storage can be a great organizer for storing spice containers. You can place the spice rack on the countertop or mount it on the kitchen wall. Additionally, it looks great and eye-catchy to boost the beauty of the kitchen.

You can also call it a hexagon shelf. Some people would love to sit in the bedroom or guestroom. If you have a medium or a bit large size shelf, you can keep books, pens, or some other things on it. Interestingly, the whole project takes only one-hour using craft tools. Not only hexagons, but also you can pick and create them in different sizes and shapes.

#8 Dog Shelter/House

Many of us have pet animals in our house. Why not make a shelter for them too? Making a dog (or cat) shelter using scrap wood projects can be a brilliant idea. This furniture can make the animal more playful. Also, it can reduce making the interior clumsy.

Doghouse gives the little furry friend a comfy zone to spend the most time with comfort. We suggest you pick some furring strips and pine board to make it. Also, arrange a joining jig, a glue gun, or a nail gun to finish the project faster. Check out different blogs to get ideas about customized dog shelters made of wood.

#9 DIY Adirondack Chair

These chairs are good for seatback and relaxation during leisure time. They are designed in such unique ways that you will love to relax and have a skim on your favorite books. Therefore, some popular stores offer Adirondack chair plans. The average cost of a garden or outdoor Adirondack chair is more than 200 bucks.

You may need to spend huge money to buy a ready-made chair. But making it home with few tools, paint, and wood pieces is a more beneficial idea. You can follow the directions of experts or the plans you get online.

#10 Planter Box

Indeed, there are many DIY wood projects to sell items and earn a lot of money. Modern planter boxes are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications like these projects. These boxes can spruce up the garden or the front porch. Also, you can start planting favorite flower plants on them.

Redwood is the finest choice for making a planter box. They are gorgeous and sturdy to fight against moisture. Also, they can resist any attack by insects. Shape and size the woods and start crafting with the necessary gluing and coloring tools. Again, you can contact a local plant nursery to get more ideas about this item.


There is a saying, “a creative mind can find anything unique than a rookie one.” Unique woodworking projects can descriptively prove the idea. It needs only your creativity, interest, and eyes to look at any ordinary thing extraordinarily. Our DIY woodworking projects are so friendly and accessible that any homeowner and beginner can follow.

But not only these ten, but you can also find 100s of easy woodworking projects with complete tutorials online. We hope you find out our selected items are more favorable than them. So, show your skills and make your favorite wooden stuff in 2022.

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