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Top 8 easiest DIY Craft ideas for beginners in 2023

What to do on a gloomy boring rainy day? Or, on a boring day of summer vacation,  how do you pass your time? Rather than dilly-dallying, isn’t it great to explore some DIY craft ideas

DIY craft can be a fun way to pass time, and to do something creative. DIY home decor is another way to add aesthetic beauty in your home. But what ideas should you choose and what to leave behind?

To solve the riddle, we are here with the 8 easiest DIY craft ideas for beginners. Let’s explore the twists and turns of each of these simple crafts. 

DIY Craft Ideas for Beginners

Following are some easy art and craft ideas. Whether you are a pro or a beginner, you can easily make these crafts. What you need is to give some attention and time.  

Top 8 Easiest DIY Craft Ideas For Beginners in 2022 – WeDIYLovers

  1. DIY Autumn Leaf Jar

If you have a small mason jar, then easily make it into an aesthetic light jar. All you need is an empty mason jar, some colorful leaves, and some glue. 

Take the glass jar and apply glue with a brush on the outside. Then take a leaf and carefully place it on the glue. Then use the same brush used to apply glue and rub it on the sides of the leaf. Follow this process until the entire jar is covered with leaves.

You can use a hot glue gun to attach jute rope along with the circular mouth of the jar. Then put a small candle in the jar, and light it up. You will have a wonderful-looking leaf jar. This is a wonderful craft idea for the home.

  1. DIY String Art

String art is very beautiful yet easy craft to make. Draw a heart on 12″ by 12″ paper. Then draw another inside the first one. Then take a 12″ by 12″ woodblock. Place the paper with a heart drawing on the woodblock. 

Then use a hammer and nails to put nails along the border of the heart. Complete the first heart. Then apply the same process to the heart inside. When you are done nailing, tear up the paper. 

Now all you have to do is take a long string. Tie up one end of the string to the center nail of the bigger heart. Then go around all the strings one by one. Tie the last end at the last nail in your process. And you have beautiful heart-string art. You can give these handmade Christmas gifts to your near and dear ones.

  1. DIY Photo Display 

Everyone takes pictures, don’t they? It is a very common way of keeping memories. One of the common craft room ideas is photo display.

Take 4 or 5 pieces of hard black paper. Then take the photos you want to display. Now with the help of a pencil and scale, draw the outline of the photos on black paper. After that with an anti-cutter, cut out the square. 

Apply glue on any side of the black paper. Put glue along with the cut square. Then attach your photo there. Make 3 or 4 more. Glue or clip them to a rope and hang the rope. You have your very own homemade photo display. 

8 Easiest DIY Craft Ideas For Beginners in 2022
  1. DIY Mobile Holder

Sometimes your charging port is in the middle or down of the wall. And usually, you don’t have anything near them to keep your phone while charging. You can easily solve this problem with creative home decor ideas

Take an empty shampoo bottle (a good one, of course). Cut off the head of the bottle. Then cut a pocket with an anti-cutter on the bottle. The pocket should be such that, when you keep your phone inside it, more than half of your phone’s length stays inside. 

Now take your charger and mark the width of it on the top of the bottle. Curve that out. Now you have a hole from where your charger can go out. Connect your phone with the charger and keep the phone inside. Then take your charging brick through the hole on the top and attach it to the outlet. Now charging your phone is an easy-breezy task. 

  1. DIY Egg Box Flower

Egg box flowers can be a fun craft for you and your kids. Take leftover egg boxes. With the help of an anti-cutter, separate all the individual cells for keeping eggs. Then cut off the top of the cells with a scissor. Cut along the lines to make it a flower. 

Now shape the petals of the flower. Make one bigger, another small, and the last one smaller. Then color the flowers to wish. Using bright colors will increase the beauty of the flowers.

When the color is dry, take the smallest flower and apply glue on its back. Then place it in a bigger one. Now apply glue on the piece in which you just put the smallest flower. After that, put these two pieces in the biggest cut flower. Here, you have a beautiful-looking flower. Use this for Thanksgiving crafts or Valentine’s day crafts.

DIY Craft Ideas For Beginners
  1. DIY Pen Holder 

Rather than buying a pen holder, why not build one at home? It’s a super easy craft to make. But, how to do this diy project?

First, take 4 A4 papers of different colors. Then fold them in half lengthwise. Cut the papers in half. Take a pencil and place it in the bottom left corner in an angular manner so that the top of the pencil stays 4 or 5 centimeters out of the paper. Then start rolling the paper. 

When finished, close the roll with glue. Then mark at 2cm, 11cm, 19cm, and 29 cm of the roll. Fold the roll at the first 3 markings and cut at the last marking. Now if you fold along the markings, you will have a triangle. 

Make 5 to 6 triangles. Then take a construction paper piece according to the triangle size. Put it on the table. Take a triangle and glue it to the paper. Now repeat the process until you have no more triangles. You can assemble the triangles in your desired manner. And now you have a beautiful pen holder.

  1. DIY Straw Stars

This is a craft idea for toddlers. All you need is some straws and a zip tie. To make this, first, take 14 to 15 straws. Make sure they are all of the same sizes. Then take a zip tie and tie it around the straws. Make sure all the straws are of the same size.

Now start tightening the zip tie. Tighten up the zip tie as much as possible. Cut the remaining lace. And voila! You have made a 3-dimensional star with straws and a zip tie. This will be a very fun craft project for the kids!

  1. DIY Paper Scale

This idea works as both papercraft ideas for adults and papercraft ideas for kids. To draw a perfectly straight line, you need a scale. Rather than buying, you can make one at home. It’s an easy peasy process.

Cut out tall pieces of paper from a cereal box. Make sure that they are all of the same sizes. You will need 3 or 4 pieces from the cereal box. Also, cut 4 white papers of the same dimension as the cereal box. 

Now glue them finely on top of another. Make sure 2 white paper goes on each side as the last 2 layers. Once the glue is dried up, take a scale and mark your homemade scale. You can draw designs or paint with acrylic paint also to make it look prettier. Your kids’ crafts ideas are done.


Making something with your own hands gives you satisfaction. DIY projects keep you busy and free from boredom. Instead of buying gifts, you can make your own handmade Christmas gifts from these ideas. 

You can generate the best craft ideas by looking at your bin. To make a great craft, all you need is a DIY mindset and a crafty morning. Kids can also participate in DIY crafts, projects and ideas. 

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