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Top 11 Easy & Cheap DIY Outdoor Halloween Decoration Ideas in 2022

Top 11 Easy & Cheap DIY Outdoor Halloween Decoration Ideas in 2023

DIY Outdoor Halloween Decoration Ideas in 2022

People all across the world participate in the practice of decorating homes or outdoors for Halloween. Although purchasing ready-made Halloween accessories and decoration materials is quite simple but it isn’t very enjoyable. Building something yourself not only allows you to save money but also gives it a more unique touch. No matter what the size or cost of your DIY outdoor Halloween decoration is, it will always be the ideal way to showcase your creativity.

It’s important to carefully examine the external areas when decorating your house for Halloween. All the locations—from the patio and garden to the front entrance and windows—are ideal for putting up cheap DIY Halloween decorations. It is the platform where you are free to showcase your creative DIY Halloween decoration ideas.

Top 11 Easy & Cheap DIY Outdoor Halloween Decoration Ideas in 2023

1. DIY Glowing Pumpkins Lanterns

You may create a lighted pumpkin lantern by simply inserting thick glow sticks, tap lights, or other flameless lights into inexpensive plastic pumpkins. Use them to spruce up the backyard or the driveway.

Image: Making Lemonade Blog

2. DIY Giant Halloween Spiders

When strung with twine, wire, and exterior sticky hooks, these enormous DIY spiders are spooky to the bone. These enormous creations, which are over seven feet across, will transform your house into a terrifying den. Use synthetic fur, black foam tubes, and half-sphere wire forms purchased from a florist supply store.


3. Ghost Logs :

Try these incredibly simple and inexpensive DIY log ghosts fashioned from tree trunks if you still need some last-minute DIY outdoor Halloween decorations. These could easily be transformed into snowmen for your holiday décor.

DIY Outdoor Halloween Decoration Ideas in 2022

4. Spider Egg Sac

In addition to the more conventional use of cobwebs, you may also create spider egg sacs to give your outdoor area a spooky Halloween vibe. This diy outdoor Halloween decor will look great hung from porch lights.

DIY Outdoor Halloween Decoration Ideas in 2022
Image: Martha Stewart

To learn how to make DIY Spider Egg Sac watch the video:

5. Skull Fire:

If you want to do something crazy, DIY Skull Fire Halloween decoration idea can bring the thrill. To do this, you’ll need to locate some porcelain skulls and put them on top of the fire logs for this idea.

To watch the video about how to make DIY Skull fire click the link:


6. Bone-Littered Graveyard with Crows and Skulls

A fence made of iron is designed to look like it serves as the focal point of the show. Crumbling impaled skulls and serious-looking bird figures are perched on the barrier. Gravestones and a few bone mounds can be seen behind the gate. The barren area is dotted with pumpkins and hands reaching up from the ground. One of the Jack O’Lanterns displayed had a “scary” face rather than the typical characteristics. You can try this easy DIY Halloween decoration idea if you want to give your friends or family a shock while entering your house.

DIY Outdoor Halloween Decoration Ideas in 2022

7. Glowing Corpse Hands Reaching for Freedom

Hollow Halloween body parts are common in plastic or vinyl, and these seem to meet the criteria. String lights or corded bulbs can be put into the hands once the bottom portion (often some sort of faux bloodied stump) is removed to give them that glow from the afterlife!


8. Add Some Flair to Your Front Yard

A collection of pumpkins with a masque motif will give your outdoor Halloween décor a spooky touch. Use glue or pins to fix the paper masks to the pumpkins after cutting out the shapes with holes for the eyes. Place pumpkins of all shapes and colors over the porch steps or line a walkway with these eerie faces.

DIY Outdoor Halloween Decoration Ideas in 2022

9. Enormous Bat Decorations

These enormous DIY outdoor Halloween bats are a cute and simple way to deck out your house for the occasion, and the flying animals are considerably simpler to build than they appear! They are also an inexpensive craft because they are built from plastic hangers, pipe foam insulation, and black trash bags.

DIY Outdoor Halloween Decoration Ideas in 2022

10. DIY Witch Hat Halloween Garland

The prettiest tiny Halloween garland you’ve ever seen can be made using wood circles, foam cones, and paint. It’s constructed from little witch hats. Fun for youngsters as well.

To learn how to make DIY witch hat Halloween Garland click here

11. DIY Dollar Tree Halloween Decoration Idea:

Discover how to create the coolest Halloween crafts using materials from the dollar shop! These décor ideas and more are quite simple. Make Dracula, a ghost, and a jack o’lantern-inspired Halloween mason jar lanterns! These are the ideal Christmas project for both adults and children.

DIY Outdoor Halloween Decoration Ideas in 2022

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